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The concept: To make inline skates versatile enough for everyday use. A sophisticated mechanical system for perfect anchoring of a wheel chassis to a shoe. At the same time, a fit that provides maximum comfort for the foot and support for the ankle. Not just a good-looking shoe that you can fit a chassis to, but an extremely advanced skate, conceived and developed on the basis of a detailed biomechanical analysis of the skating action.

Aluminum chassis: The use of extrusion technology has made it possible to obtain maximum torsional and longitudinal strength. Light-weight and rigidity are the key characteristics of this highly innovative chassis. Made from 6005 aluminum for versatility and light weight.

Composite Chassis: Made from a composite material of nylon and glass fiber. The elasticity of nylon had been combined with the torsional strength of glass fiber. The result is a chassis that makes for a simple skating action, backs up the movements of the skater and corrects minor errors in technique.

Easy Locking System: The operation of the system for locking the chassis to the shoe has been further improved and made more ergonomic. The new lever has been designed to prevent accidental opening and facilitate easier locking and unlocking.

ISO Support Concept: The ISO support technology is a structure made to last and connected to the inner sole. The result of this technology is a single, rigid body that provides perfect lateral support.

Men’s and Women’s Skates: The soles are designed to conform to the anatomy of the foot. Women’s feet have a lower profile on the back cuff than the men’s. Women’s skates also have a “V” shaped cutaway that is better adapted to a woman’s calf.