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Hypno Vario Inline Skates

Hypno Vario Inline Skates
Hypno Vario Skate

CHASSIS: Black Composite
WHEELS: 76 mm
VENTING SYSTEM: Air Valve Intersole
REINFORCEMENT: Internal support structure

This is a great lightweight skate with a detachable composite chassis that was specifically designed to meet the manufacturer's rigorous standards of performance. The chassis was designed to withstand high-impact stresses, enormous dynamic loads, exposure to dirt, water, and weather.

The boot uses an internal support structure that gives great support when skating, while providing enough comfort to allow them to be worn all day long.

And of course, because the Vario uses the same structural design as Hypno's other skates, you can use the same wheels, bearings or brake pads as any other Hypno Skate. All in all, this is a really nice skate.

IMPORTANT: Due to the snug fit of these skates, we recommend the following when ordering:
  • For men's sizes, one full size larger than your regular shoe size.
  • For women's sizes, one half size larger than your regular shoe size.

Please Note: Although these are new skates, due to their age (2006 model), some skates have discoloration on the white trim of the boots.

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78A Hardness Hypno Wheels (each) Boot Hook (Non-Locking) Hypno Half-Moon Bag
Hypno Ice Blades Hypno Vario Inline Skate (Boot Only) Spacers - Aluminum Chassis, Internal (4 pack)
Spacers - Composite Chassis, Internal (4 pack)
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David borges
these skates are just great, I don't know what I would do without them :) thanks Hypno.
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S. Smardon
Hypno skates are perfect for beginners; you know longer have to be worried about hills and stairs – just take the skates off and walk until you become comfortable to skate again. The skates are great if you decide to stop at a store, a friends place, or simply catch a bus without the worry of having to take off your skates or pack extra shoes. The only downfall are the lace hooks and the Velcro straps – the hooks should be either stronger or holes so you don’t feel that you are going to break them. The Velcro strap should be something other than Velcro because the Velcro loosens and there is too much strap left over when you tighten it well. Overall, I would buy them again especially if the fastening was improved – I think if Hypno can introduce wheels that can come off a skate, they can introduce an innovative way to fasten them differently as well.

Great skate.
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Jason in Philadelphia
Um... I bought mine six months ago and these skate are incredible. Hills aren't a problem, stairs aren't a problem, and when you skate to the mall and the security guy outside tells you you can't go inside with your skates on, you can take the wheels off.
I know I've already given these skates at least a year or two's worth of extra damage from weather use, and from just skating and crashing, and I can say these skate hold up very well. They hold up against serious weather conditions. There was a time I remember when I was at a fair, and it started raining and thundering. When I got home I checked the skates. The only thing that happened was a very small bit of puffiness in the light gray fabric,and when it dried, it was practically gone.
About the locking system,The only thing that is sort of an issue are the laces. Getting the skates tight enough can be a bit of a problem. The only thing I recommend to Hypno is changing the lace-up locking system to something else, like a lower buckle-clip or something.
I really like the versatility of these skates.
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alexie cosme (marichie@latinmail.com)
On 1999 I belonged to the recently created Skate Patrol of Puerto Rico Police Department.The Government bought "Rossignol".Rossignol were not specialized in Skates they were specialized in Snow Skies,board etc.
One of Us found out Hypno "Raptor" at the Internet and Bought them.We all changed with our own Money to Hypno because they were Light,Faster,Durable,Strong and didn't break easily like Rossignol.I will never buy another brand while Hypno still exists.
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Sebastian in New York
Hypnos have completely changed the way I commute in the city. I hardly ever take the subway anymore and have found out that on short to medium distances, I'm actually faster on skates than with any other means of transportation. Thank you Hypno... just wish you would build a shoe for summer with better ventilation.
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